Director Tomu Uchida (1898-1970)

Bloody Spear on Mount Fuji Killing in Yoshiwara Musashi Miyamoto

Bloody Spear on Mount Fuji (1955)
Souls in the Moonlight (1957)
Souls in the Moonlight 2 (1958)
Souls in the Moonlight 3 (1959)
Their Own World (1959)
Killing in Yoshiwara (1960)
Musashi Miyamoto 1: Zen and Sword (1961)
Musashi Miyamoto 2: Duel at Devil's Mask Pass (1962)
Musashi Miyamoto 3: Birth of the Two-Sword Style (1963)
Musashi Miyamoto 4: Duel at Ichijoji Temple (1964)
Musashi Miyamoto 5: The Final Duel (1965)

Tomu Uchida Tomu Uchida is regarded as one of the giants of Japanese cinema, though he remains virutally unknown in the west. In his youth he gave himself the nickname Tomu as a variant on the Anglo name "Tom," which he spelled with kanji characters meaning "to spit out dreams." Uchida had a massively accomplished career in film before World War II, but unfortunately only four of those early works remain completely intact today.

A political activist in Japan's military nationalist movement, Uchida chose to live as an expatriate in Manchuria for ten years following the war. Then he returned home to resume his film career with such classics as Bloody Spear on Mount Fuji and Killing in Yoshiwara, as well as multi-part adaptations of the popular Daibosatsu toge and Musashi Miyamoto jidai-geki staples. The 2010 AnimEigo release of the Musashi series marked the first time that Uchida films have been available in commercial DVD format in North America. Let's hope we get the chance to see more of his films here soon.

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