Director Yasushi Sasaki (a.k.a. Ko Sasaki, 1908-1993)

A Spectacular Showdown Forbidden Castle Shadow Over Fuji

The Swordsman and the Actress (1955)
Warrior's Flute (1955)
The Seven Vows (Parts 1, 2 and 3 – 1956)
Bored Hatamoto: Riddle of the Snake Princess' Mansion (1957)
Lord Mito (1957)
Shinsengumi (1958)
Blooded Spear (1959)
Bored Hatamoto: Acrobats of Death (1959)
Forbidden Castle (1959)
Shadow Over Fuji (1959)
A Spectacular Showdown (1959)
A Young Rabble (1959)
Benten Kozo (1960)
Cases of Hanshichi (1960)
Shinsengumi: Last Days of the Shogunate (1960)
Magistrate Toyama 5: The Tattooed Official (1960)
An Edo Magistrate (1961)
Hibari is Fashion Crazy (1961)
Law in Ghost Island (1961)
The Kisaragi Sword (1962)
Tengu Priest (1962)
A Brave Ronin (1963)
River Washes Away the Moon (1963)

Yasushi Sasaki Yasushi Sasaki started his career as a protege of Yasujiro Ozu and was the assistant director on a number of Hiroshi Shimizu films. He worked at Shochiku directing contemporary dramas in the vein of those prestigious mentors. In the 1950s Sasaki moved to Toei and settled into a prolific output of jidai-geki features. He is often overlooked or dismissed as a studio contract hack, but Sasaki produced his fair share of entertaining and worthwhile films, most often in collaboration with Hibari Misora and Utaemon Ichikawa.

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