Rebel Samurai: Sixties Swordplay Classics
Criterion Collection Box Set

Rebel Samurai Criterion released this fantastic box set with flawless timing in 2005, just as I was developing my fascination for jidai-geki. These movies taught me a huge amount about chambara and some of the genre's elite directors and performers. I wholeheartedly recommend the set for anyone interested in seeing what the old classics were all about -- all of the selections are great, and two rank among my top favorites. Beautiful black and white anamorphic widescreen chambara action times four... ah, that's the stuff. This is the sort of anthology of obscure treasures Criterion would issue today as part of their eclectic Eclipse line, and I just hope they might give us a Rebel Samurai, Volume II under that imprint someday.

Sword of the BeastHideo Gosha (1965)
Samurai Spy – Masahiro Shinoda (1965)
Samurai RebellionMasaki Kobayashi (1967)
Kill!Kihachi Okamoto (1968)

The Jidai-Geki Knights