The Lard Biscuit Guide to Samurai Cinema

Introduction and Statement of Style
Ichi: A Disciple Seeking Enlightenment
Humble apologies from a gaijin movie geek.
Ni: Period Dramas & Swordplay
Jidai-geki vs. chambara, definitions and misconceptions.
San: A Fistful of Ryo
Pursuing these films in the English-speaking world.
Shi: Ask the Sword
Why samurai? Exploring the jidai-geki mystique.
Go: The Obi-Wan Connection
Jedi inspirations and Star Wars as chambara.

The Works of the Sensei
Zen of the Old Masters (1930s-1960)
Pioneering samurai films of timeless excellence.
The Golden Age of Chambara (1961-1970s)
Cynical ronin and subversive swordfighting action.
Grindhouse-Eiga (1970s-1980s)
Geysers of blood, sexy ninjas and exploit-Asian excess.
Modern Restoration (1980s-present)
Japan's mythic history reinvented for a new generation.
The FilmmakersThe Lead PerformersThe Actresses
The Supporting ActorsThe LegendsViewing Guide