Screenwriter Shinobu Hashimoto (b. 1918)

Rashomon (1950)
Seven Samurai (1954)
Throne of Blood (1957)
The Hidden Fortress (1958)
Harakiri (1962)
Revenge (1964)
Samurai Assassin (1965)
The Sword of Doom (1966)
Samurai Rebellion (1967)
Samurai Banners (1969)
Tenchu (1969)

Shinobu Hashimoto Imagine that one single screenwriter had penned the scripts for Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, The Godfather, Taxi Driver, A Clockwork Orange and Star Wars. That's practically the magnitude of the staggering accomplishments of Shinobu Hashimoto. It seems that he wrote or co-wrote nearly all of the great jidai-geki masterpieces, not to mention Kurosawa's acclaimed Ikiru and The Bad Sleep Well. For God's sake, the guy's rookie screenplay was Rashomon, one of the most perfectly constructed stories ever conceived. Hashimoto understood how to spin a compelling narrative with a balanced mix of action, humor and social commentary. He would have to be strong in contention for the title of greatest screenwriter in all of world cinema, not just in Japan.

The Jidai-Geki Knights