Viewing Guide & Recommendations

Gaijin Appetizer Platter
New to jidai-geki and don't know where to start? Try these suggestions, all of which are easily available from your favorite DVD retailer or Netflix.
Dojo Training Table
Essential intermediate-level viewing for the continuing student. These titles can also be located in mainstream commerical outlets.
Emperor's Delight
No more bamboo practice swords – these advanced assignments are not in general North American release, so finding them is in itself a challenge.

Legends of Jidai-Geki
Indexing the historical figures, folklore and mythologies that have been adapted and serialized in popular jidai-geki films time and time again.
Funniest Chambara Comedies
Samurai movies have a reputation for being grim and vicious, but they can be hilarious too. These are my favorite jidai-geki joke-fests.
Jidai-Geki for the Ladies
Likewise, people think of samurai films being all fighting and killing and guy stuff. Here are a few great selections qualifying as chick flicks.
The Masterpieces
My short list of the absolute finest, most essential, desert-island must-have jidai-geki films. Nothing but the best of the best.