Denise Bidot

A couple of years ago, an exotic, shapely brunette made a splash as the signature model for the Hips & Curves plus-size lingerie retailer. In time we learned that the Hips & Curves girl has a fittingly beautiful name: Denise Bidot. The Miami native of Puerto Rican and Arabic descent previously worked as a makeup artist until a plus-size model wisely suggested that Denise belonged in front of the camera. Since starting with Hips & Curves she has gone on to model for Nordstrom, Kohl's, Forever 21 and in sexy ads all over the mainstream web for Torrid.

As her exposure and portfolio have expanded, so has Denise's gorgeous figure. "When I started modeling I was a size 10/12 and now I'm a 12/14 but mostly a 14 on the bottom," she disclosed in a 2010 interview. Denise once appeared in a tank-top bearing the handwritten measurements 40-33-43. Today her official profile lists a 36" waist, 46" hips and a delectable weight of 200 pounds. "I eat healthy foods but don't deprive myself," Denise says, confessing to a "cupcake obsession" and freely indulging in the butter-laden recipes of Paula Deen. Honest to God, Denise Bidot is my vivacious, curvaceous, food-loving brunette fantasy woman come to life. I think we may finally have found the worthy successor to inherit the late Anna Nicole Smith's mantle of Lard Biscuit Goddess Supreme.

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