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The Anna Nicole Show Here are answers to some of the most common questions you may have about the show, this site, or Anna Nicole. If you've got other questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me. Just remember, this is a fan site -- I'm NOT the producer of the TV show and I'm NOT Anna Nicole Smith!

Is this the official site of The Anna Nicole Show?
No, that's why it's called The Anna Nicole Show Fan Site. This unofficial site is in no way affiliated with E!, the show, or Anna Nicole Smith. The show's official site is located at

Who is the creator of this site?
The Anna Nicole Show Fan Site is a production of Lard Biscuit Enterprises, a one-man Internet publishing firm owned and operated by me, D. Trull. I am fully qualified as the world's leading annanicologist.

Why did you create this site?
Because I love Anna Nicole Smith and I want to show my support for her television series in the best way I am able. This site is entirely a labor of love, and I am not making a dime off it.

Can you tell me how to get in touch with Anna Nicole Smith?
Try the show's official site, which has an Ask Anna Nicole feature. Please don't e-mail me your love letters or hate mail addressed to Anna Nicole. I ain't her.

Can you send me pictures of Anna Nicole Smith?
No, but I have a whole online gallery full of her photos on The Lard Biscuit site.

Why doesn't this fan site include a message board?
I am totally opposed to offering message boards on any Lard Biscuit Enterprises web project. I know too well the sort of derogatory knee-jerk comments Anna Nicole Smith inevitably elicits on any Internet forum. Call me selfish, but I'm only interested in presenting my personal point of view, not furnishing a public platform for anonymous morons to spew their unrestrained mental vomit. I don't have the time or inclination to do a moderated board that presents intelligent discussions only. Please submit any announcements, tips or observations to me, and I will post worthwhile contributions on this site's News & Info page.

Why would anyone be such a big fan of The Anna Nicole Show?
She's stupid, you're crazy, the show sucks, etc.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. If you're really interested in knowing why I am a fan of Anna Nicole Smith, instead of just mindlessly slagging her and/or me off, you can read my in-depth romantic encomium which pretty much explains it all.

Anna Nicole Smith used to be hot, but now she's all big and fat. Don't you think she should lose some weight?
No. I think Anna Nicole looks absolutely beautiful at her present size. In fact, the fundamental reason for my fascination with her is that she is the one and only full-figured sex symbol in modern popular culture. She is living proof that beauty does not equal thinness. Take a look here for more on this topic.

Maybe she is beautiful, but don't you have to admit Anna Nicole is awfully dumb? How can you be such a fan of the TV show, when all it does is make fun of her?
I believe one must make a clear distinction between a celebrity's star persona and the celebrity as a mere human being. There is a huge difference between Anna Nicole the fantasy woman and Anna Nicole the real person. I think it's okay to laugh at the silly and goofy foibles of the true-life Anna Nicole, because the simple fact is that she is funny. Sure, she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but so what? I like to laugh at her myself -- not about her weight or looks, obviously, but for her wacky behavior and valiant struggles with the English language. It's possible to laugh at her but still consider her a goddess, just as you can think Ozzy is hilarious on The Osbournes but still makes a great prince of darkness when he performs. It's all drama, it's all mythology. Take a look here for more on this topic.

Did Anna Nicole ever get all that money from that old rich guy she married who died? Do you think she really deserves all those millions of dollars?
Anna Nicole does not have the money from the inheritance case yet. She and her attorney believe she will finally be awarded the money in the near future. I refuse to participate in the tiresome debate of whether she is a gold-digger. I don't care. It doesn't matter to me. Take a look here for more on this topic.

What's so great about Anna Nicole Smith, anyway? Has that worthless bimbo got any talent or done anything worthwhile since she quit being a model?
First off, Anna Nicole is not a "former model." She has been actively working as a plus-size fashion model for the past several years. It's preposterous to suggest that Anna Nicole Smith is untalented. She possesses a tremendous talent, which is the ability to create and project a desirable image of immense beauty on a stage or in front of a camera. And that's the key to why she remains culturally important and relevant today (assuming the success of The Anna Nicole Show doesn't make that truth self-evident). Take a look here for more on this topic.

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