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Season One

Episode 1: "Dream House"
Anna Nicole goes house-hunting and attends a big-time fashion party in the unforgettable premiere!
Episode 2: "Interior Decorating"
Anna Nicole settles into her new home and goes shopping for trashy lingerie! And introducing... the fabulous Bobby Trendy!
Episode 3: "A Stupid Eating Contest"
Anna Nicole and Howard throw down over whether she threw up! Plus: tattoos, tongues & Trendy!
Episode 4: "The Fun and the Fear"
Anna Nicole lives her second childhood, getting drilled at the dentist and thrilled at Magic Mountain!
Episode 5: "Viva Las Vegas!"
Anna Nicole's big adventure in Sin City kicks off with blackjack, strippers and stolen vehicles!
Episode 6: "The Tao of Foo-Foo"
Anna Nicole wraps up the Vegas saga, hires a personal chef, and lobbies for peace between Howard and Bobby!
Episode 7: "Designer Deathmatch"
Anna Nicole gets a pet psychic for Sugar Pie, and the embattled Bobby Trendy defends his turf!
Episode 8: "Everything’s Relative"
Anna Nicole reunites with a long-lost cousin from Texas, and chats with the equally sophisticated Jay Leno!
Episode 9: "Road Rage"
Anna Nicole puts the pedal to the metal in a Driver's Ed debacle! Plus: Bobby vs. Frankie, Round 2!
Episode 10: "Queen of All Media"
Anna Nicole does a whirlwind publicity tour in New York, where Howard Sterns collide!
Episode 11: "War Games"
Anna Nicole encounters paintball combat, penis puppets, deluxe vibrators, drag queens, legal threats... whew!
Episode 12: "Pink Apocalypse"
Anna Nicole gleefully shreds her not-so-Trendy bed and gives Kimmie one hell of a birthday party!
Episode 13: "Mystery Date"
Anna Nicole's dating service fixes her up with a millionaire suitor in the suspenseful season finale!
The Anna Nicole Holiday Special
Anna Nicole decks the halls with yuletide cheer and teaches us all the true meaning of Christmas!
Season Two

Episode 14: "Bachelorette #2"
Anna Nicole goes live and horny in the season-opening parody of romantic reality shows!
Episode 15: "Roughin’ It"
Anna Nicole & the gang brave the great outdoors on a crazy camping trip... and one of them may never come back!
Episode 16: "All the World’s a Stage"
Anna Nicole brushes up on her theatrical skills with Shakespeare, playing the shrew nobody's gonna tame!
Episode 17: "Knee Deep"
Anna Nicole suffers a rollerskating injury and swaps lives with an ordinary single mother/waitress!
Episode 18: "The Love Dungeon"
Anna Nicole plays an X-rated version of "Trading Spaces" with her unsuspecting neighbors!
Episode 19: "Saddle Sore"
Anna Nicole goes truckin' with her dating contest winner, but is he cowboy enough to hog-tie her heart?
Episode 20: "What a Drag!"
Anna Nicole makes her triumphant return to the silver screen with a ton of transvestites!
Episode 21: "Judge Not"
Anna Nicole bangs the gavel with Judge Larry Joe Doherty and deals her own brand of Texas justice!
Episode 22: "For Art’s Sake"
Anna Nicole unveils her first art gallery exhibit, and Bobby Trendy's back to crash the party!
Episode 23: "Palm Springs or Bust"
Anna Nicole's invitation to preside over a male bodybuilder competition leads to a hellish nightmare of doom!
Episode 24: "Milk and Pickles"
Anna Nicole shoots a nude layout for Hustler, learning what life is like on the other side of the camera!
Episode 25: "Kentucky Fried Bitchin’"
Anna Nicole heads down South for horse racing's main event, and rides the crap out of Howard!
Episode 26: "Live and Let Dye"
Anna Nicole wrestles once again with her prodigal cousin Shelly in the epic grand finale!

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