My Love Affair with Anna Nicole Smith

Prologue: For My Lady's Honor
Presenting my doctoral thesis in annanicology.
Part 1: When Donald Met Vickie...
A simple Texas girl's unlikely ascent to fame and celebrity.
Part 2: Enormous Beauty
The one and only full-figured sex symbol of modern times.
Part 3: A Mythological Goddess
Understanding what separates the person from the persona.
Part 4: Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?
The never-ending scandal that threatens to rob us all blind.
Part 5: The Importance of Being Anna Nicole
Unraveling the aesthetic paradox of the plus-size model.
Part 6: She Drives Me Crazy
A lunatic's appreciation of The Anna Nicole Show.
Afterword: How She Threw It All Away
The tragedy of TrimSpa and the death of a goddess.

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